Registrations NOW OPEN for 2017!!

Registrations NOW OPEN for 2017!!

Welcome to Big Star Events! We are looking for talented people of all ages, in all places around to the UK to take part in the ultimate talent show competition where you can make it as the UK’s next big star! We actively seek and promote talent, helping people just like you to achieve their goals and dreams by providing the tools, training, equipment and contacts to turn dreams into reality! We have years of experience and have some fantastic success stories. So, what are you waiting for? Register now to get started!

Next Audition dates:

Preston Docklands – 14th June 2017
Preston Docklands – 18th June 2017


2 Responses to “Registrations NOW OPEN for 2017!!”

  1. Joshua myles says:

    I’d love to audition

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